In with the new... March 08 2015

Can you believe it's March already? We've been on a bit of radio silence here on the blog, but we've been busy behind the scenes this year working on some new, and exciting, collections.

And because we're working on new items...we're running out of room. We're in the midst of converting our current storage room into a room for baby L (like how I snuck that in?) and the new storage room we're building in our workshop is a little smaller than we're used to.

But that's all good news for you...because it means we've decided to deeply discount a selection of our one-of-a-kind items to make some room for all of the wonderful items that will be released in the coming weeks.

Check out our sale section here.

BIG Announcement November 01 2014

We've been keeping a pretty tight lid on this announcement for what seems like a decade. But, we're so excited to finally announce that a selection of our Canton Box Co products are now available at Nordstrom!!!


We were approached a couple of months ago about working with Nordstrom in partnership with Etsy to carry a number of our framed prints and canvases in a very cool section of the store, called Wit & Wonder. Once we finalized all the details with Nordstrom, we just had about 6 weeks to create mountains of products, sift through hundreds of pages and shipping and vendor compliance manuals and get everything out the door. It was so so so much work, but it's honestly been the most fun project we've every worked on.

So, starting today you can check out the Canton Box Co's lovely selection of products at Nordstrom at 50+ stores nationwide. You can also hop on over to and take a look - and maybe place an order or two!!


Are You Ready for Halloween?!? October 24 2014

October 31st is quickly sneaking up upon us. Are you ready for the spookiest day of the year? We have a ton of great handmade Halloween items in the shop ready to make your day a little more bewitching.

Have you seen our Tombstone Chalkboards? I love using these for parties to display menus and leave spooky notes for guests. Since Halloween is approaching so quickly, any order placed between now and Sunday for one of these great chalkboard sets will ship out on Monday to ensure it arrives to you by the 31st. Get your order in quickly! 

Welcome! September 12 2014

Welcome to our new site! We're very happy you're here. Building this site has been on our to do list for the last 3 years. As our Etsy shop grew, building our own website just kept getting further and further down the list. But, we swore that 2014 would be the year that we finally launched our own here we are - with over 3 months left in the year!

Along with this new fabulous site, we're also launching a ton of new products...some of which will be exclusive only to this site. Like our new vintage finds that we've spent the last two summers gathering at various flea markets and antique fairs throughout Ohio and Michigan.

We also have lots of new prints and cards featuring typographical sentiments and witty banter.

Because we were just too excited to wait any longer to launch this site, we're still finalizing testing. If you run into any issues while browsing or trying to make a purchase, please send us an email at

Stay tuned for more new product launches throughout the year, and we've got big, big, big plans for this blog!